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Peggy's Book
Peggy's Book
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You will find Peggy's book "Yoga for All of Us" a wonderful companion to Peggy's yoga videos.

The book is clearly written and easy to follow. Poses are grouped according to type and are described in detail and there are chapters on breathing exercises, and meditation, exercises for the mind, as well.

The photographs are of real people who "make it clear that you are never 'too old', 'too overweight', or 'too out of shape' to do yoga" as noted yoga teacher Suza Francina says. You may recognize Peggy's 100 year old student, Jo who is featured in the videos "Yoga for the Rest of Us" and "More Yoga for the Rest of Us".

You will meet Ted, a gentleman in his 70s new to yoga, and Cathie who beautifully demonstrates that yoga is also for larger people. Kwame who learned yoga in his native country in Africa rounds out the photo models, in addition to many photos of Peggy. Learn about how Peggy got started teaching yoga back in the 1970s through her story in the Introduction.

Angeles Arrien, noted anthropologist and author, calls "Yoga for All of Us" "an outstanding resource and exceptional guide".

Buy your copy of "Yoga for All of Us" to refer to again and again.